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You touch my cheek
And, feeling tears,
You pull away immediately
You lie back and let me stumble
Through words I have no experience with
You lay passive and
Don't touch me
'Cause I'm supposed to be your doll
Dolls don't cry
You snarl at me from the other room
Easy words fall from your lips
And hit me hard
You withdraw and clutch your throat
When I've had enough and have my say
I'm not supposed to react because
I'm a doll
Dolls don't cry
So I'll sit in my corner
Still and silent
And do nothing but
Gather dust
I won't blink
Lips won't twitch
Breast won't rise
Heart won't beat
Because I'm a doll
Dolls don't cry
They shatter
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 0
Mature content
We Are :iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 1 7
Warning: I issue a call
Not to arms but to words
To people
To true revolution
To taking back the American Dream
And destroying the nightmare that's replaced it
To sowing chaos in the ranks of the authority
To spreading the love of freedom
And the freedom of love
To all who'll take them for everything they're worth
To taking back Life
To throwing off monotony
And our self-imposed chains
I issue a call
To words
To speech
To demonstration
To people
Because we have not forgotten what
Our gods once promised us.
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 0
Mature content
Perfection :iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 1
Mature content
The Art of Substitution :iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 0
Your glamour hisses beneath coals and ash
False skin burnt and peeling to the deepest layers
Giving a glimpse of your true nature
Descended from incubi and female folly
True self bound to worldly lies and material stagnation
Filled prophesy and Cassandra truths
With no one to turn to
And nowhere to run
No forests to roam in and no cities to burn
How trapped you are
Between the mundane and the fantasy
Doomed to self-destruction
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 0
Fossil Memories
We dabble in globs of self-destruction
And indulge in the colors we paint with them
Your skin a canvas
Of melted flesh
Branded by your own convictions
And daring those who look down on you
To face you on your own turf
Gritted teeth and
Gaping maw
Your eyes flashing with the oldest sorcery
The most beautiful demons lurk behind your eyes
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 1
Saving Me
I thought you were supposed to be
Saving me-
Placing me on a sacred altar
And not a funeral pyre
That stinks to high heaven of kerosene.
You and Mary both know where I've been.
So weren't you supposed to be
Saving me?
Is this salvation by fire
The only way to pull me up,
Bring me back as a whole person,
Charring the husk and releasing the
Seeds for rebirth?
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 0
Mature content
Fear of the Feminine :iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 2 5
O, your heart
To me it's nothing at all
I feel it when we fall asleep embracing
When I hear it, it sets my own to racing
But no, it means nothing, nothing at all
O, your heart
It's no great prize after all
There is no grand reward
In retrieving the Apple of Discord
So your heart means nothing, nothing at all
O, your heart
To me it's nothing at all
It's just a thought I like to carry
And not having it makes me wary
But your heart means nothing to me all
O, my heart
It's nothing to anyone at all
It's kept me going all these years
Beating relentlessly through all the tears
And it means nothing to you after all
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 1
Mature content
Introspection and Education :iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 2
Final Goodbyes
Now take a good look
At my eyes; they're smiling,
Not for joy, but schadenfreude,
Because sadism goes hand-in-hand
With the masochism that took me over
When you took me over
And looked right through my need
Get a good taste of my lips
They're slipping away
For one last good time, so
Tell me goodbye and force a smile
I'll appreciate the effort
Which is more than you could say
Get a good whiff of my scent,
Get hooked to it like I was hooked to you.
When the musky innocence of my skin
Blends with yours one last time,
Savor it and slink away,
Clinging to perfumed memories.
Now take a last look
At my eyes; they're watering,
Not because of you.
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 0
I like to watch you take that first bite
Into the fruit that sprung
From the lies that took root in
What I thought we were
'Cause I took an apple and
pomegranate seeds from
Your outstretched palm
And got stuck with a fantasy
While you indulged in cheap ecstacy
That you could've gotten from anyone
But me
But you dragged me down
And all around the world
And what lies in it,
And everywhere you stepped was Winter
And Spring I could not find again.
No Summer dreams, and the only Fall
Was the sound of our feet stepping
Out of time.
You like to watch me take that first step
Into the hell I created out of misconception
Chaining myself to my own mythos
'Cause I would love to drown in you
But every time I try, you dip
Away and snicker, though you'll
Rise again when I turn my head
And sigh.
I wanted to take you down
To my level and writhe
Like worms beneath the soil
But I slough through mud and you
Tread above the influence I wanted to be.
What I'd give for one more day in warmth
After these mont
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 0
We were children,
Playing as children do.
Sneaking letters across rumbling classrooms,
And gently teasing
As friends do.
We were children,
Playing tag as children do:
Brushing lightly and giggling softly,
And playing hearts
As innocent lovers do.
We were children,
Loving, though not in love.
Sharing shy kisses of affection
And loving each other
As friends do.
We are grown
And grown apart.
But I love you still.
And I always will.
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 1 2
Mature content
Speed Dial :iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 0 0
Marlboro Woman
When she smokes, it's a sign of things to come
From a place that's dark inside her soul
And when she drinks that sharp, sweet-tasting rum
Her demons come out for their nightly patrol
When she smokes, it's a sign things will go wrong
'Cause she blackens her mind with her lungs
And when she reaches for whiskey, it surely won't be long
Before e'eryone else is holdin' their tongues
For dear life
For my life
When she smokes, son, don't wanna get too close
She's just better off alone
When she gets another shot glass, they all suppose
She was just born accident-prone
All her life
And mine
:iconclockwork-love:Clockwork-Love 1 3

Random Favourites

Everything I Cherished
I once hoped that I could
Love you above all others
But the stench of his house
Already clung to your hair
I implored, I begged:
"Sweet angel, you must
fly on home. Leave this place,
before he completely infiltrates."
You shook your head
With conviction and said:
"You know, rent control is killing me.
All these landlords grilling me
on where I am and who I'm with,
and before I leave,
won't I do just one more thing?
And I find it unintentionally funny
that even though I am paying
good money to be left alone,
this is never really a home,
just somewhere to live.
But I know no other way.
Where he goes, I go too."
I suppose it's just another thing you 'need'
Yet another way for your heart to bleed
Looking back on
Everything I cherished,
I can't believe you didn't realize
All that you were squandering
So many friends lining up to nourish
Before the last time I saw you,
You took my cheeks in your palms:
"Have you ever looked directly
at a man and thought:
'When on a clear winter night
I peel
:iconcibbwin:Cibbwin 12 26
What of?
A hundred roads
A thousand unknowns
All spring around me
Like a cool summer breeze
And I do not know
Which path I should go
But is it enough
To just sit under the trees?
With you, it's never been easy
We're two different colors,
believe me
I'm red, what are you?
If I was dead, would you kiss me?
And we're faced with impossibilities
Mirrors made of our own eyes
And as they tip the probabilities
I look into your eyes
and ask
But what of the light?
And what of the dirt?
What of the tears?
What of the hurt?
What do they compare
To a heart laid bare?
Tell me, what of them?
Can we ignore them?
A million cars
A billion stars
All shining with paint
Zoom by both of us
A trillion cells
A single bell
Ring and beat within
The feelings we trust
With me, it's all been down
I've been crushed silently
without a sound
You're free, what about me?
If you were me, I'd lift you from the ground
And we're faced with impossibilities
Mirrors made of our own eyes
And as they tip the probabilities
I look into yo
:iconfreakofnature00:freakofnature00 5 8
Dear friend,
Dear old friend, listen.
Tell me,
what's this?
White sky and worried mind,
hands upon my bed, and heavy sighs?
this may sound odd,
coming from me you see.
When I close my eyes, I fall asleep.
I see darkness, and dreams pull me in.
When I close my eyes and sleep,
I see nothing, nothingness, and more.
I hear a voice saying,
"It's been a long time, son."
Friend, tell me - no, listen,
I'm a little lonely, so,
I'll be writing from time to time.
Dear old friend...
:iconzackblanc:ZackBlanc 3 8
I'm Not There Anymore
Drowning in the sunlight
Waiting for someone to come and save you
Where are they hiding?
Will it all be okay?
While you're wading in the darkness
Can you find your reason?
Where is your savior? Where is Your God?
He is nowhere near so stop...
Just find another way....
Still losing the fight
Does faith or ignorance keep you going?
Which one do you follow?
Just try to run away
Living inside someone else's sorrow
Always under a shadow
Where is your savior? Where is your God?
He is nowhere near so stop....
Just find another way....
Can you find your sufferer?
Have you given up yet.....
Have you lost your grip again.....
I promised not to fail....
My curse again impales.....
I'm not there anymore.....
I'm your sufferer.....
You lost your savior. You lost your God.
I failed you again now stop....
And forget me for good....
:iconalucard10w:alucard10w 3 0
Don't say a word
Just let your inner beauty talk
You're soft and smooth
Just like an angel of love
Your lips so red
Putting me under their spell
And wrenching my heart
With every flick of your hair
If this is the last time I get to see you
Then we had better make it count
If this is really the end
We don't have to say goodbye
Oh no, please don't say good bye
You've captured my heart
And I just have to see you
You could be wearing anything
And you will still captivate me
I'm so in love with you
And the passion that surrounds you
Why can't we spend the rest of our lives
In passion together?
If this is the last time I get to see you
Then we had better make it count
If this is really the end
We don't have to say goodbye
Oh no, please don't say good bye
There is no way to tell
Where our lives will lead us
And wherever we go
The sun will always shine on you
If this is the last time I get to see you
Then we had better make it count
If this is really the end
We don't have to say goodbye
Oh no,
:iconbatdan85:batdan85 2 2
You feed me your lies like candy
Sweet at first and so promising
I find the poison in the centre
Rotting my mind, but you know better
All the things you made me believe
You pulled me in then let me go
I think it's time for you to leave
You've caused more damage than you know
And I'm falling
I'm falling
Away, you won't let me stand
I'm sinking
I'm sinking
I'm sinking in your quicksand
I'm sinking deeper into this mess
I know not to look for your hand
And everything we shared together
Has slipped away into your quicksand
And I'm falling
I'm falling
Away, you won't let me stand
I'm sinking
I'm sinking
I'm sinking in your quicksand
And I'm falling
I'm falling
Away, you won't let me stand
I'm sinking
I'm sinking
I'm sinking in your quicksand
I'm scraping the earth
And fighting for my life
You don't even look up
To see that I'm in strife
You don't even look up to see
I'm falling
I'm falling
And you won't even let me stand
I'm sinking
I'm sinking
In your world of quicksand
:iconbatdan85:batdan85 5 6
MTWB: Make the change.
I sit here wondering,
Pondering how I could make a difference.
Leaned back in this chair I stroke my chin,
Closing my eyes to see it played out clear.
I could take control,
Rid the world of war and hatred.
Toss all the bad guys to the sea,
Tame the animals and bring them peace.
It's the start to how I can make this world better.
Opening my eyes I look around,
I knew I had to take a step out-
- of my four walls to put my plan into motion.
Rising from my chair-
- I grab a pen and a piece of paper.
Scribble on it then turn to leave,
My mother would have to understand.
I take my place as president,
I change some laws and make-
the Government better for the people.
I knock off the chains of pain and death,
I lead the country to health and rest.
Take away McDonalds and other fast food places,
Make a note not to stuff another hamburger down.
It's the beginning of how I can make this world better.
Years down the line I look around,
To see the happy faces beam up at me.
This country was the sta
:iconchristianonfire7:Christianonfire7 5 0
Accessible by kris-wilson Accessible :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 3,672 0 Not that good to begin with by SerenaVerdeArt Not that good to begin with :iconserenaverdeart:SerenaVerdeArt 209 60
Death's Song to the Maiden
Fair, fair is your sweet smile
upon a summer’s day.
Go laughing in the morning
as we walk on our way.
Sorrow’s in the evening
and not a bit before,
so laugh now with your sunlit laugh,
until you laugh no more.
Fair, fair are your blue eyes
as you stand beside the sea,
watching as the waves come in,
one, and two, and three.
Feel the sun upon your cheek,
and the wind dance in your hair,
Enjoy the day that’s given you
Before you have to care.
The birds sing dirges while they fly –
don’t listen to their song,
or else the day will go awry
and your pain will last too long.
Pick up a shell and listen,
go running on the beach –
the storm is coming that will put these things
most firmly out of reach.
Fair, fair is your sweet smile
upon a summer’s day.
Go laughing in the morning
as we walk on our way.
Sorrow’s in the evening
and not a bit before,
so laugh now with your sunlit laugh,
until you laugh no more.
:iconknittingknots:knittingknots 11 15
Before tasting lancet by Volkan-d Before tasting lancet :iconvolkan-d:Volkan-d 1,153 177
Advantaged Hearts
Why must I let you in?
I'm killing myself again
I don't want to leave the bed
With all these bad thoughts in my head
I'm so sick & tired of the noise
I'm not in love with all these boys
They're telling me what to say
You never meant much to me anyway
You can't use me
You can't hurt me
You can't take advantage of me anymore
I won't let you do it to me
Why must I keep you in?
You're killing my heart again
I don't want to go
But I don't want to stay home
You can't use me
You can't hurt me
You can't take advantage of me anymore
I won't let you do it to me
I hate all the lies
I hear them all the time
And you do it right to my face
I guess the truth was just a phase
I am so desperate for the attention
The hopeless lack of affection
Of which I am quite used to
Please why don't you use me too
But you can't use me
You can't hurt me
You can't take advantage of me anymore
I won't let you do it to me
You can't touch me
You can't fuck me
You can't talk to me anymore
I w
:icon8-clouds-in-silver:8-Clouds-in-Silver 5 6
Alison Wonderland II by northernsiren Alison Wonderland II :iconnorthernsiren:northernsiren 9 2 Alison Wonderland III by northernsiren Alison Wonderland III :iconnorthernsiren:northernsiren 24 11 Alison Wonderland 1 by northernsiren Alison Wonderland 1 :iconnorthernsiren:northernsiren 9 7
Death's Messenger
The Grim Reaper?
You want to know a little something about the Reaper, something about his job? Alright, I'll tell you about him.
The Grim Reaper is a Marine sniper team's third man, watching over the men that are supposed to live while they help Grim punch the tickets of the targets. He rests by the scout-sniper's spotter, using a spotting scope to watch the carnage, helping the spotter pick the most essential targets for the sniper to remove from the Earth.
You people think Ol' Grim only is around the dead, or those that deserve to die, but you'd be wrong.
Ol' Grim is with you, as well, every minute of your little life. How? Why?
Everyone on the Earth has a 99-percent chance of dying everyday. You, your family, your friends, nobody is excluded. Nobody.
It's not something everyone knows either. They just go on about their lives.
A pedestrian in New York City walks out into the intersection on his green; he could have a garbage truck slam into him.
A bush pilot in Australia or Africa f
:iconkahunasniper:KahunaSniper 63 70



Alex Lucai
United States
Favourite genre of music: Any
Favourite cartoon character: Lelouch, Mello, L, Kenshin
Personal Quote: "All the world's a stage, and everything else is vaudeville." ~ V
Hoping the challenge will help me polish my writing.  Let's see if I can finish this in one year.
1. Chores… Written 4/24/11
2. Happy
3. Life
4. Relationship
5. Play
6. Toy
7. Video Game
8. Computer
9. Famous
10. Emotion… Written 2/6/11
11. Run
12. Fear
13. Gamble
14. Christmas
15. Animal
16. Wild
17. Morning
18. Loneliness…
19. Friend
20. Pet
21. Grow
22. Japan
23. Britain
24. World
25. America
26. Flag
27. Cigarette… Written 5/5/11
28. Man… Written 1/3/11
29. Earth
30. Boredom
31. Sweet
32. Smile
33. Pray… Written 10/13/10
34. God
35. Love Written 9/24/10
36. Hold
37. Hug
38. Wings
39. Wrong
40. Right
41. Tears
42. Hope…
43. Night
44. Star
45. Courage
46. Police
47. Ice Cream
48. Pup
49. Ireland
50. Jungle
51. Plains
52. City
53. Farm
54. Horse
55. Woman…
56. Mother
57. Father
58. Grandparents
59. Mad
60. School…
61. Freedom
62. Eagle
63. Falling… Written 2/6/11
64. Dream
65. Reality
66. Purple
67. Blue
68. Red
69. Pink
70. Rainbow
71. Rain
72. Snow
73. Park
74. Fall
75. Lake
76. Ocean
77. Under
78. Pay
79. Adulthood
80. Teenager
81. Capital
82. Contentment
83. Numbers
84. Space
85. West
86. East
87. Tropical
88. Wind
89. Fly
90. Tree
91. Ka Ching
92. Chengosam
93. Kimono
94. Tradition
95. Vulnerable
96. Forever
97. Heaven
98. Warm
99. Cold… Written 11/14/10
100. Heart
Current Count: 12 down, 88 to go. Really gotta get my ass in gear for this.
  • Listening to: Your Guardian Angel- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus



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